How to Add Animated GIFs to Your Instagram Stories

instagram 101 add animated gifs your

If you have created a story on the Instagram, then you know that how you can use the stickers to your story. It looks like a real sticker but they can not move. We always want to have GIF photos in the Instagram.

in a Jan 23 updates, Instagram added new animated GIF stickers to your story. collaborate with the GIPHY, Instagram provides dedicated search feature into GIF stickers. where you can search your gif stickers according to your story.

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let’s find out.

How to Add Animated GIFs to Your Stories.

adding a GIF, it’s not complicated but it’s almost same process. to add GIF, first create a story by swipe right or tap your icon under “Stories” to access the story camera. once you add photos or video now click on the smiley icon in the top right corner of your display. where you can find a GIF option along with the normal option.


now click on GIF option and search your GIF stickers according to your story.


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