If you are a Windows consumer, you must have heard about the Windows theme or skin. When we talk about Windows, we always use the word “theme”. But if we talk about the look of Windows, then we use third-party software in which we use the term “skin”.

Actually, Windows theme is a collection of modifications in the interface. As soon as you install themes in Windows, you can feel it. because, When you change your Windows default theme, it changes your Windows icon, My Computer, My Network, Recycle Bin, My Documents, Desktop and other programs. This theme is based on different characters. Such as movie, vehicle, nature, which you can imagine by seeing it.

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In this article, I will tell you about some themes that will give a new look to your PC and laptop.

1) Mac OS X El Capitan

If you like MacOS and unfortunately you have Windows pc. And in Windows, if you want to experience MacOS, my first suggestion of the theme is that you install the MacOS them. This theme will convert your Windows to MacOS.

2) StartIsBack

It was not possible to remove the existing start button on earlier Windows 7 systems. But after window 7, you can change it according to your own. You can get the Start button back by installing StartIsback in Windows 10. With this, you can change the other functions of the screen by making it even better.

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3) Ubuntu Skin Pack

Ubuntu is a completely separate software bunch that you can not compare with Windows. If you have previously worked on Ubuntu and want to get the same look on Windows, then download and install Ubuntu skin pack.

4) Silk

silk is a smooth theme option for Windows 10, this theme offers you many options. In which the user can change graphics color according to their own.

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5) Aero Glass

The most commonly used theme in Windows is Arrow Glass. This theme is a great example in itself, which does not copy anyone. In which you get a classy touch that makes your Windows unique.

6) Vanilla

Vanilla is a free Windows theme. Which gives your computer “a dream” effect. If you like transparency. So you can put a look on this theme too. You can change the color setting accordingly, which makes your Windows look quite attractive.

7) Oxford

Do you like a simple theme? The Oxford team has made this theme keeping the simplicity in mind. This is the simplest theme, its color attracts you.

8) Flattastic

This is the best theme among all the themes used in Windows. This theme has 8 Light Version and 8 Dark Theme Versions. Which gives a wonderful look to your windows

9) FFox Theme

Black and orange colors seen really amazing on your windows. If you are looking for something like this then this theme is for you.

10) Ades Theme

This is another black theme to be applied on Windows. It’s built on black in which you can add some color to create your own design, it will be a wonderful theme for your Windows 10.

Above is The Best Windows Theme 2018. This theme gives your PC a fantasy look. These themes will also run on older versions of Windows. I hope you like this post please share this article on social media and do comment if you have any problem.