How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows


As we say in our previous post, There are many ways to protect your data by creating an Invisible Folder or Create Password Protected Folder Using Notepad but we need more security to protect our folder.

Have you ever heard about the undeletable folder? yes, that’s good if No please read this post to find out How to create an undeletable folder. before we start we clearly mention that this trick is only for fun. but, also you can use this tricks to protect your valuable data.

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let’s start.

How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows?

1) Go to start and type cmd or open Run (Windows + R) and type CMD. make sure open cmd as administrator privilege.

Note: You can create this folder only on the non-rooted drive such as E, D, F drive not the C:/ because you have installed your windows on that Drive.

2) After open cmd, type E: and hit enter.


3) Now type md  lpt1\  Hit enter. (MD means Make Directory)


Note Why We Use lpt1?: Files may be copied to devices. For example, copy file lpt1 outputs file to the screen console. Devices themselves may be copied to a destination file, For example, copy lpt1 file takes the text typed into the console and puts it into FILE, stopping when EOF (Ctrl+Z) is typed. also, you can use aux, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4, lpt5, lpt6, lpt7, lpt8 and lpt9 replace with the lpt1.

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4) After successfully creating a folder let’s check that whether it worked or not. put some files in this folder and try to delete that folder when you see this types of error message Item Not Found or you see no changes that mean it worked on your computer.

5) Done.

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