How to Crash Your Computer Using a Batch File

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I don’t know which purpose you use notepad. but I can use notepad to create a batch file that crash Your Computer. I know You may also be interested in how to crash the computer using notepad.

before making a batch file. first, find out how it’s work.

we are creating a batch file using notepad where notepad is a platform and that batch file creates an infinite loop of opening command prompt windows. this will consume heavy ram of your computer, causing it to temporarily crash.

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let’s find out.

How to Crash Your Computer Using a Batch File

1) Open notepad:

open notepad by right click on the desktop and select text document or type notepad in the search bar.

2) write a batch file code:

now, copy below code and paste it into a notepad


@echo off
goto crash

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3) Save batch file.

after pasting above code into notepad now Save your text file as a batch file.


Now, Executing Your Batch File.


While the .bat file won’t actually harm your computer, you will have to restart your computer in order to end the .bat cycle. This means that you might lose progress on any work left open and unsaved.


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