how to defrag hard disk in windows 10


Over time, when your computer gets slow and you feel that some files are taking too much time to load. You should defrag your hard disk. But do you know about defragmentation?

When a lot of files are located in different places on your hard disk, then it takes more time for your computer to check that file on the hard disk. To run your computer more efficiently, use the built-in tool for defragmenting those files in Windows. When you defrag your drive, pieces of files are transferred to those places that are next to each other. This makes it easy for your computer to read files. Here’s how and when you should do it.

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Note: Keep in mind that if you have SSD, you do not need to defrag because there are no moving parts in the flash drive and SSD. Due to being a cluster in hard disk It is necessary to defrag it every month.

how to defrag hard disk in windows 10

1) Open Start type Defragment and Optimize Drives and press Enter.


2) select that hard drive that you want to optimize and click Analyze.


Note: Always analyze your drive first so that you know whether your driver needs to be optimized if the result is less than 10 percent, then there is no need to optimize your drive.

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3) After analyzing your hard disk correctly, if you think that defragment is needed, then click Optimize.


4) After the process is completed, the current position should display “0% fragmented“.

Note: Keep in mind that, The time of defragmentation depends on the size of your hard disk, if your computer has more files then it may take some time

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