How To Restart A Driver On Windows 10


When your Windows PC does not work well, then restarting it is a good and quick solution for random problems. As if you can not connect to your WiFi network, restart your WiFi router. If your phone is not responding, restart it. Occasionally, if a particular Windows PC component is not working, then restarting your PC does not do the trick. For example, if Bluetooth stops working, your PC may not restart or work. In such a case, you can try to restart the driver which is causing problems. Here’s How To Restart A Driver On Windows 10

Check which driver is not working.

Before restarting the driver, first of all, you need to check what problems are causing. For example, if you have a problem with your PC speaker, restart your audio driver.

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Run Troubleshooter

before doing any other action first try to windows default troubleshooting software. its free to use, just select your problem that windows gives you and run it, windows automatically identify your windows driver and restart it.


If windows troubleshooter doesn’t work for you, try manually restart the relevant driver.

Restart A Driver

Either open the device manager by searching in the Start menu or type devmgmt.msc and press enter at the prompt.

Find the type of device for which you want to restart the driver. For example, for the Bluetooth driver, expand the Bluetooth device. This is a good example of identifying the right driver.


Here You will see a bunch list of device drivers that have been installed and somewhere. Find your Bluetooth driver in this list and try uninstalling it or right-click on it and select ‘Disable Device’. You will receive a warning that disabling the device will stop it from working. It has been given so simply accept the alert and the device will be disabled. Next, restart your PC.


After successfully restarting your computer, Come back to Device Manager and enable the driver again. as same as you disabled it.

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If your device still not working please check if any updates are available or not. to do check, go to device manager and find your driver list then right click on it and select update drives. that’s it.

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