Best google assistant commands 2019

Best google assistant commands 2019

With the fast-changing era, everyone wants to use smart gadgets that help to do there daily work easier and it’s only possible when it has an AI system. Did you know what is AI? AI spell out as artificial intelligence in which many virtual assistants are present like SIRI, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, and Google Assistant but there is no doubt that Google Assistant is the most popular right now. It’s free and present in almost every Android Smartphone that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmellow or above. If you don’t have an android phone then don’t worry many Google products are available that contains inbuild google assistance.

Now, let’s discuss some cool google assistance tips that help you to do your work very easily. I have used “OK Google” and “Hey Google” in this article because both can be used to summon Google assistance.

Best Google Assistant command You Should Try

Let’s use Google Assistant to unlock your Pixel

It’s very annoying when you unlock your phone and it will show you a pattern and pin screen to unlock your phone every time at that moment it’s way better to unlock your phone with your voice to bypass these additional steps by using Google Assistant’s voice command to unlock your device. Go into your Google Assistant settings, and select OK Google Detection followed by Trusted Voice.

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Open apps with your voice

When your hand is busy in some other work and you want to open any app, at that time this command will be of great use to you, as you have to just say “OK Google” then say “Open Gmail” to open Gmail App. Same as that you can also open any third party app but make sure you spell it correctly.

Screen your phone calls

If you get bothered by some telemarketer phone calls, then this trick will be useful for you. This trick will answer any phone on your behalf. And any call that is disturbing you, you can mark it and you can put it in the spam list.

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Get advice on where to eat, drink, and shop

If you are among those people who love watching a movie every Friday and want to eat some delicious food at that time this command helps you a lot just say “show me some best restaurant nearby me” after taking lunch now it’s time to watch a movie in the best cinema so to do that says “show me the best cinema nearby me“.

Ask Google Assistant to jog your memory

sometimes it’s very difficult to keep tracks of some little things like where you left your wallet and cars keys. these little things can waste your quality time if you forgot it. at that time it’s better to set reminders. Just say “OK Google, remind me that my wallet is in the drawer of my bedroom”

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Wake up with Google Assistant

if you frequency used an alarm to wake up at early morning. then stop doing manually alarm because google assistant helps you to set an alarm with your favorite song. just say “Wake me up at 7 a.m with a despacito song”.

list of the command is too long so we discus it in shortly.

Plan a route

Just say “The trip from Florida to New York isn’t as long as you’d think”

Send a text message

just say “Send a text message to (the person’s name)

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Get answers on your maths questions

just say “OK Google, tell me what is 11 x 24,” 

Play a game with Google Assistant

when you bored by doing some heavy work then tell google, this will entertain you in many ways like assistant you to play games. just say
I’m bored.”

Now google introduce it’s new AI features called google lens When you directing your phone’s camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the object or read labels and text and shows relevant search results and information to you

I hope you like this cool commands Please share this post and do comment if you have any other commands.

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