The VLC media player is one of the most popular media players for Windows. But when it comes to interface and UI. VLC is easy for some people. Some of us like to see it in a new form. Fortunately, many VLC Skins are available in free so that you can give VLC Player the preferred look. Let’s look at some great VLC skins today.

Top 5 Best VLC skins For Windows:


MinimalX is a clean and elegant skin for the media player. The skin comes with a nice design interface. This screen is for those who prefer minimal design. Although this skin is mainly dark, you can set the color according to your own. Overall it is a great skin with a simple interface

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Orion is a Stock of features for this VLC media player. This theme comes with a lot of features such as PlayList and Equalizer. It comes in two types: ‘Close blue buttons’ are aligned on the right side and on the other side are on the left side. You can install any one.


This theme is special for Transformers lovers, here we have a Solid Transformer UI for VLC. All buttons are well-designed. You should use this theme once.

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MAC OS VLC player does not support skin. But, you can experience this Mac OS by installing this skin in Windows VLC player. This skin looks like a Mac VLC player.

Zune VLC Skin

Looks like a Zune software, this skin comes with an elegant and nice interface just like Zune. It’s a simple skin, It’s specially designed for Zune Lovers.