How To Change Your Gmail Profile Picture

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Google has many web products that are used with all Google Accounts. A central place where you can manage personal details saved in your Google Account but it seems that your Gmail profile photo is not one of the things you can manage. Your Gmail profile photo is important because people see you as a Gmail or Google contact.

Open Gmail and click on the small cog wheel in the upper right corner. This is under your current profile picture. Select Settings from the menu that opens.

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On the Settings page, select the General tab and scroll down. You will find a section called My Picture which will show you your current Gmail profile picture. Click on Change picture option above it.

1.1Browse your computer for a new picture, select it as needed and crop, and you have done it.


Your new Gmail profile picture should sync all those who have added you as a contact but this can not happen. This can be because users have the option to set their photo for a contact. Your new picture will eventually be synced but it can take some time. You can see that the bar at the top of Gmail shows the thumbnail of your profile photo when you change your Gmail profile picture. That’s because it’s your Google+ profile picture. To change this, you need to click on the image and select Google+ profile.

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On your Google+ profile page, click the Edit button and then change your profile photo. This photo will override your Gmail profile photo, and it will sync other people’s contacts faster.

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