How to open command prompt

How to open command prompt in windows 10

The Command Prompt has been around forever, and it is still a fantastic resource to have available. The Command Prompt is a fairly handy tool. It allows you to do a few things quicker than you can do them in the graphic interface, also offers some tools that you can’t locate in the graphic interface at all. the Command Prompt also supports all sorts of keyboard shortcuts which make it even more powerful. Let’s take a peek at the remainder. Today we’re showing you all the various way to start the Command Prompt. We are betting you don’t know all of them.

Open Command Prompt from Windows+X Power Users Menu

The Power User Menu is a faster way to open Command Prompt in Windows 10, Press Windows+X to open the Power Users menu, and then click “Command Prompt” or “Command Prompt (Admin).”


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Open a Command Prompt from Task Manager

Open Task Manager with additional information. Open the”File” menu and then choose”Run New Task.” Type cmd or cmd.exe, and then click”OK” to open up a regular Command Prompt. if want to open Command Prompt as an administrator you need to check this option “Create this task with administrative privileges” to open Command Prompt as administrator.


Open a Command Prompt in Admin Mode from Task Manager the Secret Easy Way

Easy Way to Open a Command Prompt in Admin Mode from Task Manager, open task manager then click on “File” menu and hold the CTRL key while clicking “Run New Task.” This will open the Command Prompt with administrative privileges– you don’t need to type anything.


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Open Command Prompt from a Start Menu Search

You may easily start the Command Prompt by clicking on Start and then typing”cmd” into the search box. Otherwise, click/tap on the microphone icon at Cortana’s search area and say “Launch Command Prompt”.

To start Command Prompt with administrative privileges, then right-click the result and then click”Run as Administrator.”


Open Command Prompt from the File Explorer Address Bar

In File Explorer, click on the address bar to select it (or press Alt+D). Type”cmd” into the address bar and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt.


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