It is very difficult to convert any tax to audio. Third-party software is used to do this but such software is bad for your system.

so we have a new cool trick, with this tricks you can make your own software.

lets’ Start without wasting time

How to Convert Any text To Audio without any Software.

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1)  Like all other tricks, we will use notepad on this tricks. open notepad.

2) Copy and paste the below-given code into your Notepad.

Dim msg, sapi
 msg=InputBox("Enter The Text To Be Converted- ","")
 Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
 sapi.Speak msg

3) Save this file with a ” .vbs ” Extension i.e as ” Amytricks.vbs”. Select the File type as ” All Files ” and Encoding as ” ANSI”.

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4) Now Open The Saved File and You will see a text to audio converter Dialog box.

5) Type the text which you want to convert an audio, and then press OK. so you can hear the text which you have typed.

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