Right now many windows Software, browser plugin, and add-ons are available which allows the user to download their favorite youtube video in a single click. But many youtube creators arrange their videos in the playlist at that time it’s very difficult to download all videos.

Don’t worry, we have a solution, so sitting in peace and read the entire article. I know that you must have heard about IDM, IDM is the world’s most popular download manager software, which allows you to download videos from any platform, in any size and any quality. But do you know this software also helps to download YouTube playlists?

Currently, IDM does not have any extra features to download all playlist but we can manually convert youtube playlist URL to a specific URL and download it through IDM

So, without wasting much more time lets get started

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How to download Complete YouTube playlist using IDM?

1) As I mention above we have to convert youtube playlist to a text file and use IDM to download it. So first go to youtube and open your favorite youtube playlist that you want to download.

2) Now select that playlist URL and copy it.

3) after copy that link, open https://youtubemultidownloader.net/playlists.html/ and paste that link here.

4) Once you paste that link you will see a mess of text in below window.

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5) Now copy all the text and save it in the notepad.

6) Now open IDM and follow this step: Tasks > import > from text file.

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7) After that IDM will prompt an open window. Now select your saved file and open it.

8) As you can see All of your playlist videos now ready to download.

I hope this article saves your lots of precious time, happy downloading 😊.