Do you want to keep your file hide even your system shows your hidden file? we have new cool tricks that allow you to keep your file hidden inside a jpeg file. with this tricks, you can combine your folder with jpeg file.

To perform this trick you should have either WinRAR or WinZip installed on your computer.If you are ready, here we go.

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How to Hide Your Files Inside A JPEG Picture

1) Create a folder

first Create a new folder to hide your file. I have created a new folder with the name of amytricks and then put your all files and image that you want to hide.

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2) now select all your files and click on amytricks.rar (amytricks is my folder name that I want to hide) option.

3) winRAR create an amytricks.rar folder.

4) now open cmd with your folder location and type below code:

(Note: if you don’t know how to open cmd with current folder location please read this Article)

 copy /b your_image_name.jpg + your_image_name.jpg

Done, Now the picture file will be updated with the compressed archive inside.

How To Access The Hidden Files:

Right Click on the JPEG picture and choose Open With and Now scroll down to ” WinRAR “. that’s it.

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I hope you understand if you have any problem feel free to comment and please share this post on social media.