How to Enable chrome night mode in android and desktop.

How to Enable chrome night mode in android and desktop.

Today Chrome is the world’s most used browser. People like it because of their fast browsing and unlimited extensions. With a simple interface given in Chrome, you can read books and surf web easily. Some people like to read articles at night. But Reading at night is harmful to your eyes. You can use Night mode to avoid them.

Extensions for desktops are available in Chrome. But what about those who use Chrome on Android? Where such extensions are not available. Like the desktop, you can not Completely convert Android to night mode, but you can use some pages as night modes.

In this article, I will tell you how to use Chrome in Night mode on Android and desktop. On the desktop, we will use some extensions. But on Android, you have to change some settings.

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This process is based on a simple Google Chrome extension that will reverse your browser colors and make them right for reading at night. It is also healthy for your eyes because it reduces bright white light.

How To Use Night Mode Browsing In Google Chrome

1) Dark Reader

1) First, you need to add the ‘Dark Reader‘ extension to your Google Chrome browser. Just click the “Add to Chrome” button.


2) A pop will open, where you have to click on the Add extension.


3) When installed, click on the extension where you will see a screen like this below.


4) Here you can set the brightness, Contrast, Grayscale, according to your own.

5) After all the settings are completed, you can see on the screen below that this extension will completely replace your Chrome.


It was for a browser, but how to do this setting on Android. Where no such extension is available. By following the steps given below, you can turn your page into Night mode.

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Night mode for Chrome on Android

You can not run the night mode in chrome completely. First, You must enable simplified pages then you can use night mode. Do not be confused, I will tell you completely.

First, you have to select the Simplified View by Setting > Accessibility > Simplified view

after that, you will see a popup in the bottom of the screen, where you can convert your page view in simplified view.


In the simplified view. Chrome convert your page into a redding mode by removing fancy tabs and colors, and gives you a clearer view of websites like this:


Once you have to change your page into redding mode. As I shown above, now you will get a new customization option. In this option, you can change color, theme, and font.

To access this mode, tap on three dots in the top-right corner and select appearance option. Make sure you should be in the simplified view to access this option.


A new pop-up window will open with the so many options. Now tap on the dark mode to active the night mode or dark mode, you can also change your font size and background.


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