How To Enable Ransomware Protection In Windows 10

Enable Ransomware Protection In Windows 10

As you know, WannaCry ransomware was attacked in 2017, in which many computers were victims of this virus. From this virus, all the data on the computer was encrypted and the ransom had to be paid in order to get back the data that was in bitcoin.

At the time of the attack, no antivirus was able to withstand this virus but after the attack, many antivirus companies came in the market which protects your data from Ransomware.

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If you are running the version 1709 of Windows 10 or above, you will be happy to know that Windows 10 is now offering inbuilt AntiRansomware protection that keeps your data safe from ransomware.

IF you want to know how to keep your files safe. so, let’s start.

How To Enable Ransomware Protection In Windows 10

1) Open the Settings app ( Windows + I) and go to Update & security setting then select Windows Security (Windows Defender).

2) Click Open Windows Defender Security Center button.


3) Click Virus & threat protection. and then click Virus & threat protection settings link.


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4) On the Virus and threat protection settings, enable Controlled Folder Access. Once it’s enabled, you need to add protected folders by clicking ‘Protected folders’.



5) After click on protected folders option, click Add a protected folder option and select the folder that you want to protect if you have multiple folders add them one by one.


6) if you want to allow some app to access your protected folders, you can add them by click on Allow an app through Controlled folder access.


7) That’s it! You have now set up the built-in ransomware protection in Windows 10.

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