the computer is one the most powerful tool in the world, We use the computers Daily for work, entertainment and to save our personal document.

this Document is more valuable to us. We do not want to see our document by anyone, so It is not enough that we hide files and protect them with a password, The only way to secure our data is to encrypt them.

You can secure some folders but you need to encrypt the entire drive to secure your files and documents. It takes a little bit of encryption but also gives good security and it is good for those who use notebooks and laptops that can easily go missing.

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in this article, we use BitLocker to protect out files and folders. A simple tool that provides by Microsoft. if you do not have BitLocker installed in your system, them download from Microsoft website and install it.

I hope you ready to configure BitLocker. let’s find out, follow this step:

How To Encrypt Your PC By Using BitLocker

1) Open BitLocker by following this path (Control Panel\System and Security\BitLocker Drive Encryption). it will open a window with different options to enable BitLocker.

2) Now select the drive that you want to encrypt and click on ‘Turn on BitLocker’. (For enabling this Lock you should have the administrative privileges).

3) Now it will open another window with two options, first Use a password to unlock the drive and second use ‘my smart card’ to unlock. Now select the first option and create a password to unlock the drive later.

4) For recovering the password that you previously entered, it will open another window where it offers several options for recovering password. Select the option you want and click on continue.

5) after selecting recovery option. Now confirm that you want to encrypt the drive by clicking on start encryption option. Once finished, simply reboot the computer. (if you select USB to unlock option after restarting your computer put USB drive and it will ask you for the password to access the information.)

6) Done.

BitLocker is a free tool that will be of great help for people who want to secure all of their files.

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