Error loading player: no playable source found” This is not a problem. Whenever you receive this error message, you can not watch online video, even if the video network is right on your behalf.

This is a small error code. It can be cured by troubleshooting. Do not panic, you can easily fix it by following the instructions I’ve given.

How to Fix player loading errors in Windows 10

1) Reinstall Adobe Flash Player.
2) Clear browser cache.
3) Check for Windows updates.
4) Update the browser.
5) Enter Safe Mode with Networking.

Follow all this step one by one to solve this error:

1) Reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

During the video play, you will get an error message like “Error loading player: no playable source found“. So maybe you have problems with Adobe Flash Player, so you should reinstall Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10 device.

1) To install Adobe Flash Player, search Adobe Flash Player on Google and then hit Enter. you will see “Get Adobe Flash Player” click here to download the latest version of Flash player.

Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

2) Choose your OS and the version of flash player, then click on the download button on the right corner.

Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

3) when Download complete, install it.

4) After that, you have to restart your browser so that you know the changes. Now, the error notification has gone and you got your video back.

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2) Clear Cache in Browsers.

Many times this error also comes due to browsing cache. I hope you know how to clear the browsing catch, to clear browsing cache, use the Ctrl + Shift + Delete Shortcut to go to browsing cache clear windows.

Clear Cache in Browsers

In the newly opened window, choose the beginning of time or All time option from the drop-down menu and select Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data. then hit CLEAR BROWSING DATA.

3) Check for Windows updates.

If your Windows is not updated, then you will experience some problems during browsing. So first you have to updates your windows.

1) Press Win + I to open Setting.
2) Then click on update & security.

Check for Windows updates
3) from the next windows click on windows update.

4) If any update available you will see it displayed.

5) So, apply the update first and restart your windows 10 pc.

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4) Update the browser.

During the video play, you will experience this problem because you are playing the video in the old browser. New Flash Player does not support the old browser if your browser is outdated, then you should first update your browser

1) Open Chrome

2) Click on the Menu button.

3) here you will get an option help click on it.

Update the browser
4) select About Google Chrome.

Update the browser
5) here you will find out your chrome version. if a newer version of the browser is available, google chrome will start to upgrade automatically. when the upgrade finished, restart your browser for change to take effect.

5) Enter Safe Mode with Networking.

If this problem is due to the recently installed Chrome extension, then start your Windows in safe mode and then try to play the video. By default, all extensions and settings are disabled in safe mode.

1) Press Win+R keyboard hotkeys to open Run Box.

2) then, type msconfig and press Enter.

 Enter Safe Mode with Networking

3) in system configuration windows click in Boot tab.

4) under the Boot option check the Safe Boot option.

5) Below, also check Network option.

 Enter Safe Mode with Networking

6) click on apply and ok and restart your windows 10 pc.

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these are the top 5 troubleshooting solutions when you will get an ‘Error loading player: No playable sources found’ error. Tell us in the comment, which solutions work for you and also share this article with your friends.