how to check if someone has read your message on whatsapp

how to check if someone has read your message on whatsapp

Many people like the feature of Blue Tick in WhatsApp, but many people do not. some people close this feature with the attention of privacy because they do not want us to know whether they read the sent messages or not.

WhatsApp launched the Read Receipts feature in 2014 When you message someone in this feature the message has a gray tick. When the person in front of the message gets another gray tick and when the person in front of the message reads the color becomes blue.

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But later on, people are turning off the blue tick for the sake of keeping their privacy, so that they can ignore some people. If any of your friends have turned off the Blue Tick Read Receipts feature privacy, here we will tell you about a trick by which you can know whether your friend read your message or not.

how to check if someone has read your message on WhatsApp

You can take the help of an audio message to catch friends who are close to the BlueTick option. Even if your friend has turned off the read receipt option, this option works only for text and video, not for voice clips.

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so, If you want to know if you have any friends online or not send them a small voice message.


If your friend clicks on the voice message, that message will get a blue tick and you will know that your friend is online.

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