How to Create Multiboot USB Disk

How to Create Multiboot USB Disk

It is very difficult to make bootable pen drive frequently when our system fails. There are many operating systems in the market, with different version and new features of each one, you will not use pen drive for every version but what if all operating systems are in the same driver. sound’s good right.

Making multiboot USB drives is very easy to create. in Windows, multi-boot disks can be created using a popular tool known as WinSetupFromUSB. It allows you put multiple ISOs in one USB disk.

Not just windows os, you can use different operating systems such as Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS. The choice is up to you. In order to create a multi-boot USB drive, you must have an ISO file of all operating systems. Almost all ISO files are from 3 to 4 GB so that your USB driver should be 16GB.

How to create Multiboot USB Disk in Windows?

1) Download WinSetupFromUSB. Extract this file.

2) Connect the flash drive to your computer.

3) Open WinSetupFromUSB. select the 32-bit and 64-bit version according to your OS. It will work without any installation.

4) Make sure your flash drive is listed and selected in the drop-down menu. Click Refresh, if it is not on the list.

5) make sure to Tick Auto format it with FBinst.


6) Click Advanced options.

7) Tick the Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server Source checkbox. Click the Cross (X) button to exit Advanced Options.


8) To add the ISO file for your multiboot USB, tick the checkbox corresponding to OS under Add to USB disk subheading.


note: WinSetupFromUSB doesn’t support dual ISOs i.e. it can’t have 32-bit and 64bit version in a single ISO. It will show an error message.


9) Click GO. A data deletion warning message will be displayed. This is because you’ve chosen to format the flash drive. Click Yes. (Note: Do remember to check the flash drive name before clicking Yes)


10) after click on yes, another warning message will be displayed telling you that all the partitions will be erased. Click Yes.


11) Next, it will ask for the folder name. Type the desired one in 30 seconds or it’ll auto select. Click Ok.


12) Now, It will ask for the boot menu name. This will appear when you run the multiboot USB on some PC and choose an operating system. Type your desired name like Win8.1_64bit. and Click Ok.


13) The process will take few minutes to finish.


14) Click EXIT to finish.

How to add the second ISO file in the Multiboot USB Disk?

1) the process will be same

2) only Don’t Click Auto format with FBinst. That’s because it will remove your previous ISO file.

3) Add the second ISO file for your multiboot USB.

4) Click GO and repeat the steps mentioned earlier.

Follow the same process to add more ISO files.

now your multiboot USB up and running. Plug the flash drive in your computer and set the boot device to USB. Most desktops and laptops have a dedicated key to trigger the boot menu. After the multiboot USB loads, choose the desired operating system from the list.

Have fun!

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