How to download windows 10 iso for free 2018

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Today, every computer runs on Windows 10. because, it is the best operating system ever built by Windows. But what about those who still use Windows 7 and 8? If you are one of them, and you want to go to Windows 10, you can download the ISO of Windows and install it on your system but in legal way.

Microsoft provides you Windows Tools in which you can download Windows 10, upgrade your system, and also create a Windows 10 Flash Drive. So you can install Windows on your other computer.

We should always download Windows 10 in full legal and legitimate way. Not download any other download site and torrent site and especially from Torrent sites.

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Always download Windows through Microsoft’s official Windows 10 download page. Download the installed Windows 10 installation media Tool on your system, and then you can download Windows 10 by following the steps given below.

How to download windows 10 ISO for free 2018

  • When you open the installation media Tool for the first time,  you will probably see a Getting a few things ready message. Give some time, when the screen is cleared.
  • you will get license terms which you can read and then accept them.


  • If you want to download a Windows 10 for another PC, then select the installation media here and proceed.


  • On the next screen, choose language version and architecture for ISO image. If you use windows for a personal use then go for Windows 10 Home and Pro Edition. Because Windows N versions are designed for some special European economic zones.

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  • For architecture, select both version so that you can install Windows 10 on both 32-bit or 64-bit computers.


  • Click next when you finish Deciding.
  • On the next screen select ISO file and click next.


  • Now store windows 10 ISO in your desire location and click save to start download.


  • Once you download, you’ll have a legal and full version of Windows 10 in ISO format. now you can burn a DVD or create an bootable USB drive. using this ISO file.

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