YouTube is a platform where people can watch their favorite videos and share with each other. Many people want to download their favorite videos so that they can be seen in their mobile and computer without internet. with the following steps You can find out how to download video from you tube on your computer.

Many websites allow you to do download video using a video URL.

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Let’s find out.

How to Download YouTube Videos To Your PC or Mac?

1) First go to YouTube and open your favorite video.

2) Now you need to change the URL of the video that has been played so that you can download the video, for example

original video URL is like you need to change it to download this video, so remove www. and replace with ss like this

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3) Now press Enter so that you will be redirected to a new website where you will have the option of downloading the video.

4) Wait a few times so you will get the download option where you can download the video by selecting your favorite video size.

Note: The tricks are for the computer only.

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