How To Enable Copy And Paste Feature in Command Prompt

Enable Copy And Paste Feature In Your Command Prompt

The short keyword is easy to type in cmd but what about long keyword like a file’s path, Would it be nice if we can copy paste in cmd but windows don’t allow the user to do this.

In this Post, I show you how can you enable Copy and paste feature in Command Prompt.

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let’s start

Enable Copy And Paste Feature In Command Prompt

1) to enable copy and paste feature in command prompt in windows 10, simply right-click on the command prompt’s title bar and choose Properties…


2) when new Pop-up Window will come up, Check the ” Quick Edit Mode ” option which is located under the ” Edit Options ”. then Click on OK.


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3) All done, Now you can copy and paste any command or file path directly in your command prompt using a keyboard shortcut.

that’s it, this is a small tip that I wanted to share with you. I hope you like this. please share this post on social media and do comment if you have any problem.

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