How to Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Computer

How to Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Computer

Duplicate files are inclined to my existence. In addition to using disk space, these files do nothing other than cluttering your drive, slow down your PC, and when it comes to finding the right version of a specific file, the level of difficulty is quite high Important: Is this the one I just updated, or the other one?

How to Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Computer

CCleaner is the number one tool for cleaning your PC. It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure! CCleaner cleans these files and makes it instantly fast. To clear these files, you do not need to install a pro version, any version you can use. We are using the free version for this tutorial.

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1) First, download and install CCleaner on your computer or laptop. Once installed, you have to click “Play CCleaner”.


2) Now you will see the screen like below. Here you can analyze and clear your computer.


3) After clean up your pc now you have to click on “Tools“. that appear on the left-hand side.


4) Here you will find an option “Duplicate Finder” click on it.


5) then select drive or folder that you want to scan for duplicate files. If you want to search for a specific folder, you have to click on “Add”.


6) After selecting the file you need to click on “Search” as shown in the image below.


7) That’s it! You are done, CCleaner will scan for duplicate files and will let you know if you have any duplicate files. You can delete it from the CCleaner.

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