The world’s most popular email service Gmail will now appear in a new design. Google has released new features such as Email Snooze, Confidential Mode and Two Factor Authentication in its Email Service. Apart from this, Gmail’s design on the web has been completely changed. The new Gmail design has been rollout from Wednesday. After 2011, this has been the biggest change ever made in Gmail.

Google said that the email storage database with Gmail has been redesigned. With new features, Gmail will have the option of ‘nudges’ for ‘suggested answers’ for messages like smart-assistant features and those you have forgotten to reply to. With this, the mail sent will automatically be deleted after a certain time ie i.e. the auto delete feature will be working. Gmail’s product manager said, “This is a new incarnation of our flagship product, which is the most used. However, Google did not tell about the expenditure on this new incarnation.

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Smart security features

According to Google, users will get access to offline email for up to 90 days. Apart from this, the most sought-after feature by business executives – Message expedition has also come.

Users who will send an email with ‘confidential’ option can set a time limit for those who are sending mail. Users with this feature can limit the number of mail receivers. To read this email, they will need to enter the one-time passcode you will get on your mobile.

Nudges’ users will be reminded that they have forgotten to respond to an email. if the user wants to answer an urgent email, then set a reminder for it.

Talk about the look, Google Calendar has now got a place in Gmail’s website. In addition, Tasks and Note Services will also appear on the emailed page.


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How to get the new Gmail

1) First, go to Gmail’s settings.
2) Then look at the top Try the new Gmail.

If you want to use the old Gmail back then go to settings and select Go back to classic Gmail.
If you do not find this option in settings, then this means that the new Gmail has not been rolled out for you right now. That is, you just have to wait for the new Gmail.

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