How to remove password from the zip file

how to remove password from zip file

If you download any software from the Internet to crack the password of the zip file then be careful. Before doing this, first, install the antivirus on your computer. Because these types of software can put viruses on your computer. Most of the free software can crack only small passwords. If someone is offering you free Password cracking software, then this will be a malware that can take your own information.

Most of the free cracking software only takes a few hours to guess the password but it does not happen in reality. This process can run for days, depending on how big your password is.

If your computer is slow then make it fast because this process required maximum computing power. if you think this software will not work properly on your computer, then you can close all running background applications to maximize your computer speed. Large applications such as Photoshop Video Games, Video Editing Software can hinder your process.

As I mentioned earlier both free and paid software are available, so first we will discuss free one. This software is a little bit tricky because it is free to install, so please read the complete article carefully.

How to remove zip file password with free software

For the demonstration we are using John the Ripper software this is the free command-line based program
1) To download the software first go to the  in your computers web browser and then download the John the Ripper 1.8.0-jumbo-1 (Windows binaries, ZIP, 34 MB) link near the bottom of the page.
2) After downloading the software double click on the downloaded zip folder and extract it.
3) This software cannot be installed like a normal program but you can install it in your desktop by moving its folder and renaming it to John.
4) After that, copy your zip file then go to the John folder and open the “run” folder, click a blank space and then paste your zip file here.
5) Now open the command prompt and type cd desktop/john/run and hit the enter
6) Now enter the run command by typing zip2john.exe > name.hash make sure to replace name with your zip folder name.
7) Now define your ZIP File hash like name.hash were the name is your hash file.
8) Let’s begin with cracking the password type in john.exe –pot=name.pot –wordlist=john/run/password.lst name.hash and press enter

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now this software will comparing your zip folder password to his database.( make sure to replace the name in both name.pot and name.hash with your zip folder name) password.lst files contain the list of a passwords

once the password has been cracked by the software you will see the session completed message at the bottom of the command prompt at that time you can type name.pot and press enter to view your zip folders password

How to remove zip file password with paid software

here are the same software recommend by us:

Paid software provides you more features rather than free one such as cracking large and special character passwords and being user-friendly interface.

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When this software is installed, double click to open and then select your zip file with the help of the browser button. Some software may also provide drag and drop features.

In most of the cases, you will get the brute force and dictionary options but according to me, the dictionary option is the best.

Click on the Start button or Run button to begin the process and wait until the file is cracked, as I mentioned before, the time of cracking depends on your password in which it may take a few days or a few weeks even.

when the password will cracked, the program will notify you, which will help you to open the zip file.

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I hope you understand properly and still if you have any doubt please comment below and share this article with your friend who don’t know how to crack the zip folders password.

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