Now WhatsApp is supporting stories like Instagram and my friends always share their stories on WhatsApp, which you felt memorable and it is nice if there is a way to save that status to your mobile without capturing a screenshot?

As you know, WhatsApp stores all your files in  WhatsApp/Media/  folder located in internal storage. stories are also stored here.

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You can copy this story from here and store it in your internal storage.

How to save WhatsApp status without taking screenshot

1) When you see your friend’s story, WhatsApp caches this Story and stores it in WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses this location. you will notice that this folder name is starting with .statuses because this folder is hidden.

Note: to show this hidden folder. first, click on show hidden folder option on your file manager.

2) Once you get into that folder, all the statuses seen by you are present here. Select the status which you want to save, and copy it into your personal folder because WhatsApp only stores statuses for 24 hours here. That’s it.

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One more thing to note: WhatsApp catches this status you’ve seen. In the case of video statuses, it may take longer time for WhatsApp to play for you or download them to internal storage.

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