How to Set or Mark a Partition as Active in Windows 10

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Have you ever heard about dual boot? it is possible when you have multiple partitions on your computer with a different operating system when you set an active partition on windows, windows will load the appropriate operating system for you. This process called a dual boot or multiboot.

But before we jump to set an active partition first we have to proper information about what is an active partition?

On all windows computer, an active partition also knows as system partition that contains all windows boot file and system files. Which we call a c: drive.

Before activating the partitions, you must first take care of these things so that there is no mistake in the future.

1) Active partitions should be performed when the operating system is already in the partition.

2) Windows only allow one active partition. If you have already one, an original active partition will become inactive once you set a new active partition.

3) If you have more then two hard disks then you can set an active partition on each drive. But only active partition on first hard disk starts your computer.

4) Logical drives and extended drive should not be marked as active. Only the primary partition can be converted into active partition.

5) A partition that you want to set an active partition should have a boot file of windows operating system unless you may be unable to boot a new Windows OS.

Once you start your computer, windows will look at an active partition on the primary partition and find the boot sector. After that will run the bootloader and start your windows OS.

Set Active Partition via Disk Management

To set an active partition. first, you need to open disk management by search diskmgmt.msc on the start menu.


here You will see all of your partitions, Right-click on the primary partition that you want to mark as active and choose Mark Partition as Active.


If you make any mistake, from which if your computer is not starting and at that time you want to activate the partition, then you can also activate the partition from the command line.

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To do that first open your computer in safe mode, once you there, go to troubleshoot then advanced option and click on command prompt.


Type diskpart at the prompt to get boot up disk list.

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At diskpart prompt, type list disk. now you will get all disk list that attached to your computer. Now type select disk n here n is your current disk number.

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Once you select your current disk. Type list partition to get a list of all partition on that disk. To active partition first, you need to select that partition. Type in select partition n, where n is the partition number.

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Now, we have selected the disk and partition, we can mark it as active by just typing the word active and hit Enter. That’s it!

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