How To Share WiFi Password In iOS 11 Between Devices

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Wifi password can be very complicated and long, so it’s difficult to share them with your friend and family. Thankfully, this whole process has gotten much easier with Apple’s iOS 11 update. In this article, I will explain how to share WiFi passwords on an iPhone or iPad so you can help your friends and family quickly connect to your WiFi network.

Apple’s new feature is called “Share Your Wi-Fi”,  If you want to connect to a friend’s Wi-Fi network but nobody at the location can remember the password, to share WiFi passwords on an iPhone or iPad, make sure that your devices are very close to each other. If your devices are too far apart, they may not be able to share WiFi passwords. Just to be safe, hold your iPhone or iPad right next to the other iOS device you want to share a WiFi password with.

Requirements to share your wifi password

First, make sure that your Apple devices are running iOS 11, WiFi password sharing also works with Macs running MacOS High Sierra.

To check what version of iOS your iPhone or iPad is running, open the Settings app, then tap General -> About. Look at the number that’s not in parentheses next to Version. If the number begins with 11, then iOS 11 is installed on your iPhone.

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How To Share WiFi Passwords On An iPhone Or iPad

1) Choose the Wi-Fi Network :

On the iPhone that needs internet access, open up the Wi-Fi settings and select the network you want to connect to. This needs to be the exact same network that the other iPhone is already connected. After you’ve selected it, the “Enter Password” screen will show up.



2) Unlock the Device Already Connected :

Now the iPhone already connected to the Wi-Fi network needs to be unlocked If it’s your iPhone, simply enter the passcode or use Touch ID to unlock it.

3) Move Closer Together :

 Now move the two devices closer together, So they can send a request to the connected device.

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4) Sending password :

if you do it, according to our plan a prompt will appear on the connected iPhone asking to share its Wi-Fi. It will look like this




Simply tap or click the “Share Password” button to send it on over to the unconnected iPhone. and The password field on the unconnected iPhone will be filled in automatically

You’ve successfully shared a WiFi password on your iPhone or iPad.

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