How to Unlock or Remove Password From PDF File

How to remove password from pdf

Most people ask about removing a password from a PDF. Because the PDFs given in the banking mail are encrypted with the password. Every time you want to see, you have to enter the password to unlock pdf, if you use these files again and again, it becomes difficult for you to decrypt the PDF every time. For the solution, you can encrypt the folder by bringing the group of these PDFs into one folder. But first of all, we will talk about How to remove password from PDF.

If you like to keep your files on Google Drive like me So you probably know that Google Drive is already protected from 2 layers of security – passwords and 2-factor authentication.

Is there any software available that can remove the password from the PDF? Which work on both Mac and Windows? So, the answer is yes and it is already installed on your computer. Which you call Chrome.

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Chrome is also a PDF reader that can remove and add passwords to PDF. Let’s see how:

How to remove password from PDF

First, Drag any password protected PDF file into your Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome will now prompt you to enter the password of the files. Enter the password to open the file and press Enter.

1When the file opens, go to the File menu and choose Print (either press Ctrl + p), select the destination printer as “Save As PDF” and click on the Save button.


Google Chrome will save this PDF to your preferred location. After opening the saved file, this PDF will open without any password.

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This method will work for Chrome on any operating system. Like Chrome, you can use this method even in Microsoft Edge.

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