The new biometric security feature in Windows 10 enables you to sign in to your Windows 10 PC with just a glance or touch. Name of this feature is “Windows Hello”, Although there are very few Windows 10 devices that can detect your finger, face, and iris, you need to purchase fingerprint readers or buy a fingerprint equipped laptop to support Hello.

How To Use Fingerprint To Sign In To Windows 10

To set-up and use fingerprint readers (Windows hello) you have to set a PIN to log in to Windows 10. And the PIN can only be enabled on Microsoft accounts, which means that you cannot enable and use the Windows Hello Fingerprint with a local user account.

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1) Open Settings by using the Windows Logo + I keyboard shortcut.

2) Once Settings is launched, click Accounts.

3) Click on the sign-in options. Under Windows Hello option, you will see the setup button. And if the setup button is Grade-Out and “You have to set a PIN before enrolling in Windows Hello” message, that’s because first, you need to turn on the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for your account.

Once the PIN is added to your account, click the Setup button under Windows Hello section to see Windows Hello setup wizard.

4) On the Windows Hello setup wizard, click Get started button.

5) after that it will ask you to enter your account PIN, please enter the PIN to continue.

6) After that, you will be asked to swipe your finger on the fingerprint reader. Now On the fingerprint reader, swipe your favorite fingers that you want to use for fingerprint protection.

7) it will be asked you to swipe the same finger for a few times to setup Windows Hello. After swiping down the same finger, you will see “All set!” message. That’s it!


after completing all this step you will be now able to use your fingerprint to sign in windows 10 simply swipe on the fingerprint reader using the same thumb that you used to setup Windows Hello.

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How To turn off Windows Hello fingerprint

Under Windows Hello section, click Remove button. to remove Windows Hello fingerprint

That’s it!

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