Windows 10 is the best operating system, that’s why people prefer to use it. If you join the Windows Insider Program, you get the opportunity to use the new preview of Windows.

Unfortunately, you also have to use the watermark of Windows. The purpose of creating a watermark for Windows is that the developer should be easy to know what preview version they are using. But along with the developer, some normal users also use this version in their system.

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So, that watermark can be a bit annoying to look at each day. But you can stop using it by using third party software before you use such software to know about it and take the backup of your PC. The third-party software used in this post is created by trusted Developer, we are using the  Universal Watermark Disabler

How to Remove the Windows 10 Watermark

First, download the software by clicking on the link, unzip it. after extract, run uwd.exe executable.You’ll need to give it permissions to do its thing, so approve the User Account Control warning when it appears.

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click Install to remove your Windows 10 watermark.Note that you’ll need to sign out to complete the process, so be sure to save all open work and close any running apps before proceeding.

If you ever want to put the watermark back, simply run the uwd.exe executable again, and this time click Uninstall. As before, you’ll need to sign out to complete the process.

Finally, note that the Universal Watermark Disabler may not work with all future versions of Windows, so be sure to keep your data backed up and check for updated versions of the app

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