How to Send a Blank Message on WhatsApp

blank message

there are so many ways to do fun with WhatsApp but I am sure you don’t know about sending a blank message on WhatsApp there are so many ways to send a blank message among them I am posting two simple method which is a quick and simple method to send a blank message on WhatsApp.

How to send Blank message in WhatsApp without any app

if you are windows users then you probably know about the special comment that allows you to create a blank space, copy that blank space and paste it on WhatsApp. sound good…

1) Here is that ” ” (copy it inside of ” ” )

2) After copy that blank space, paste it on WhatsApp

IMG 20180223 184937

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4) Done,

Send Blank Message to WhatsApp using Noword App

Sending blank messages in Whatsapp using android apps is one of the simplest ways, so to send a blank message in WhatsApp we are going to use an android application which is called Noword app.

Download this app and click on the send button and the app will ask you how to complete the operation. You have to select Whatsapp from the list. Now you can select the contact to which you are planning to send blank message in Whatsapp chat. The message delivered will be blank.


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