Whenever you start the computer, you see the login screen where you enter the username and password. Some people like this but some people do not, and they always want to remove the Windows login screen.

so that, Today we are going to show an easy method to skip your windows logon screen. But, you can do this if you are a single user who uses that computer.

Lets’ do this

Easy Way To Skip Your Windows Log on Screen

Step 1: Open The Advanced User Account

in Windows 7 & 8 Click on the Start Menu, Type ” netplwiz ” and Click Enter.

Step 2: Disable windows log on screen

After opening this type of dialogue box similar to the shown picture, select the Account, then uncheck the box showing ” Users must enter a username and password to use this computer ” and click OK.

Step 3: Authentication

Now you have to enter your password twice, To skip your Windows logon Screen. You will see that the next time when you boot your PC, you will not be asked for any Password.

Note: if you want to Get back the Windows logon screen then follow step1 and Just Check the box showing ” users must enter a user name and password to use this computer ” . That’s it, now from the next time you will be asked for a password to log on.

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