How to Stabilize Your Shaky Videos in android


in a flagship phone, they have a built-in ois and eis system so videos and photo are clear when you shoot with that camera. but 65 percent of people are using budgets smartphone and those smartphone does not have any ois (optical image stabilization) system. that’s why whenever you shoot any videos you notice that videos are may be shaky.

don’t worry if you are using budgets phone, google photos will help you to fix that shaky videos problem.

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record a video like you normally do. and try to keep your phone stable as possible without losing focus on the subject while shooting. when you done, play the video and if still notice video is shaky or unstable.

then you need to try google photos stabilization feature. to do that open google photos app and select a video that you want to stabilize after that tap on adjustments button at the bottom and select Stabilize them wait until stabilization is not completed.

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Once stabilization is complete, you can preview the video. If you think it looks better, tap the Save button. The stabilized video will not override the original video. It will save as a copy.

unstabilized video
stabilized video

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