In today’s date, Instagram has become the most famous social network, thousands of people use it to watch beautiful photographs. After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become the preferred choice for social networking. People like to spend most of their time on Instagram

If you have a crush on someone. And if you can not forget the face of your first girlfriend, then Instagram is an excellent option to see their photos again and again. But you feel unhappy when you can not see the picture of your girlfriend because she has kept her privacy on her account. So, no one can see their pictures unless he/she has permission to see it.

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There are usually two types of Instagram accounts, One is public and the second is for personal use. In public, everyone can see your photos and videos, so it’s easy to find someone on Instagram. But private accounts have some strict settings that only select people can see their profiles. Private accounts can only be seen when the follower’s request is approved. In this article, we will tell you how to see Private Instagram accounts.

1) Create a fake ID

From my point of view, creating a fake account can be a good option. If you want to see someone’s private Instagram. Although it is against ethics and manners. But this is also a good option, it is important to follow these steps to see someone Instagram profile. So that you get quick approval.

1) Create a fake Instagram profile that set the girl’s picture. Why girl’s picture? Because men’s accounts are easy to see because men do not have any privacy setting on their account.

2) Make the account real by uploading the real girl’s photo.

3)Write something about yourself such as your interests, date of birth, etc.

4) You can also keep this account confidential. So that others could feel anxious to accept your request.

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2) Ask the person directly via message.

The second best way to see the Private Instagram profile is to ask the person directly. If you want to follow someone and wish to see their pictures, then the best way is to send the request first. If that person has a personal account, you can direct message to him and tell him how important you are to him.

He/She will definitely accept your request and if he/ she also feels same for you then maybe he/she can follow you back.

Note: There are so many online tools available where you can easily view private Instagram accounts. I will not recommend you to try but if you still want to do. Do it on your own risk. Because this tool uses your personal information in the wrong stuff.

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