CRDOWNLOAD is a temporary file created by Google Chrome, whenever you download any file from the internet, you can see the .CRDOWNLOAD file in your downloads folder. The CRDOWNLOAD file shows that the download is not completed. When the download completes, Google Chrome removes this extension and now you can use this file.

What is a CRDOWNLOAD file and how to use it?

This file cannot directly be opened through any program because it is the only product that created by Google Chrome web browser. we cannot use it because it is designed for the browser.

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This file is created in this form: <filename>.<extension>.crdownloadSuppose, if you are downloading the movie then it looks like this Mymovie.mkv.crdownload. As soon as the download complete, Chrome removes this extension and now you will see this file as Mymovie.mkv


If for some reason the files being downloaded are canceled or corrupted then you can use these files again by renaming them.

For example, say You are downloading a movie and the download has stopped due to the Internet shutdown. then, You can use GOM or VLC media player to open the CRDOWNLOAD file, whether it has just begun to download, it has ended halfway or is almost complete.

The Gom Player will run any part of the currently downloaded file, in this example, which means that you can start watching the video only after a few moments of downloading it, and this video will continue As long as the download will continue in Chrome.

CRDOWNLOAD files are the same as like .download files used by Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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