Due to being a high-quality file, music lovers prefer to download music as a WAV file. Many people like to listen to music on YouTube, but some prefer to listen on home theater by making a playlist on the phone. To play music on large music systems, you must have an Uncompressed Music file. The Mp3 file reduces file sizes by up to one-twelfth of the original files, from which you can lose the audio quality.

WAV file is a compress free format. So, Your music remains the same as you hear in the original Blu-Ray. That is why the WAV files play much in the larger musical system.

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There are many ways of convert video to WAV, but we will talk about the simple method that you can easily remember. Therefore, we will use the online converter, from which you can convert any YouTube video into a WAV file. It’s free to use and you do not have to log in to use it.

How to convert YouTube videos to WAV file

To convert YouTube videos to WAV you have to use online video converter, this is the easiest way to convert YouTube to wave. Not only WAV files, but you can also convert YouTube to AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG files.

First, go to OnlineVideoConverter.com and you will see the following screen:

Click on convert A video link /URL button.

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Now copy the link to your favorite YouTube video and paste it here and then click on Format to select WAV files. After that Click on Start.

Wait a few seconds, your video is being converted to WAV.

Once your video converted you can see the Download button, just click on it to download WAV files.

It’s easy, you do not need any technical skills to do this. To convert videos in the future, you can bookmark this website by pressing Ctrl + D on the keyboard or Download Chrome extension.

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